Bengali Association of Finland ry, was registered (reg no: 3084370-3 ) with the Register of Associations in Finland during July 2019. However, the association has been active informally for more than 20 years now and in recent times was known as FinBen unofficially.

The intended purpose BAF is to support and promote the interests of Bengali speaking people in Finland, to promote spontaneous socio-cultural interests of these people in Finland. To realise it’s purpose, the association intends to perform the following activities:

  • Organise meetings, cultural events, educational study circles, courses, discussions and festivals to promote Indian and Bengali culture, custom, costume, language and values.
  • Carries out it’s own research, information and publishing services in any form of media.
  • To make such representation to groups or individuals, government or non-government organisations both non-statutory and statutory as required in the fulfilment of the Association's objectives.
  • Cooperate with other associations in the field.
  • To organize and promote Indo-Finnish socio-economic and cultural development related events, projects and ideas.
  • To provide platform for visiting Indian scholars, artists, intellectuals etc. with their potential partners in Finland and vice versa.

Executive Committee 2024-2025